Project Description

Rosalena Public Access Trail Plan

The Rosalena community is comprised of 75 residential lots and common properties located along the north shore of Batiquitos Lagoon in the City of Carlsbad, San Diego County. The Rosalena property owners, in coordination with Coastal Commission and City of Carlsbad staff, commissioned preparation of the Rosalena Public Access Trail Plan to achieve compliance with coastal development permit conditions requiring construction of a north shore lagoon trail within the Rosalena community.

Winecki Consulting, Inc. has been retained by the Rosalena Homeowners Association Board to assist with planning, environmental constraints documentation, project design, policy issue resolution and ultimate implementation of the north shore lagoon trail as envisioned in the City of Carlsbad Local Coastal Program. A draft of the plan was completed in September 2015, which includes a detailed description and concept plans for trail implementation and a series of design measures that ensure the trail is constructed and maintained in a manner that secures maximum public access and coastal resource protection, while addressing potential land use conflicts that often arise from construction and use of public recreational facilities immediately adjacent to sensitive habitat and residential communities.

Project Details Rosalena Public Access Trail Plan
Client: Rosalena Homeowners Association
Location: Carlsbad