Resourceful & Practical Land Use Planning & Entitlement Solutions

Winecki Consulting, Inc. has successfully prepared and processed hundreds of governmental and non-governmental land use planning programs and development entitlements throughout coastal California, including residential and mixed-use development, habitat restoration plans, resort hotels, public parkland and recreational facilities, regional airport and multimodal transportation systems, and educational facilities, among others. Our experience includes a multitude of planning programs and projects that have effectively addressed complicated coastal policy and planning issues, including:

  • Public access and recreational resources
  • Visitor-serving facilities
  • Coastal-dependent and priority development
  • Water quality
  • Environmentally sensitive habitat areas (ESHA)
  • Agricultural Resources
  • Public scenic resources
  • Coastal hazards, including sea-level rise and shoreline processes,
  • Energy conservation and emissions reduction (climate change)
  • Archaeological and paleontological resources
  • Coastal policy conflict resolution (balancing)


Winecki Consulting, Inc. diligently monitors current trends and evolving applications in Federal, State and local planning practices and public policy development to ensure our clients are informed of matters that could affect their planning and project goals. Our practice emphasizes proactively planning, designing and processing projects in a way that addresses public, environmental and community concerns early in the process, and our ability to effectively assess and distribute information regarding key planning and policy issues serves to advance agency and stakeholder communication, collaboration and accountable decision-making for our clients.

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